Monday, 4 July 2011

Market Day at West Norwood Feast, 3rd July 2011

The though of another market day is something that we eagerly await with great expectations. Preparations begin well before the big day. Searching for new cake ideas, tweaking  existing ones, ordering ingredients, visualising how the stall will look and then the baking the night before are just some of the many other things we do. 

On the actual day of the market there is the loading and unloading of the car ( and believe me we have loads of props), setting up and spending hours on the stall and so on. But no matter how physically and mentally exhausting the all processing is, nothing beats the feeling you get from seeing and hearing a satisfied customer commenting on how good this or that cake was. It makes it all worth it. 

This month the West Norwood Feast Market was again a great success. The weather was beautiful and the atmosphere even more beautiful. Thanks once again to all our beloved customers and their support. See you all again next month.

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